Vice-Rector for Research

The Vice-Rector of Research's role is to support the JKU's strategic research direction, support research and business collaborations, and promote knowledge transfer.

Research Service and Knowledge Transfer

Staff at the Department of Research Service and Knowledge Transfer provide general information and academic advising pertaining to externally funded projects, research funding, and research funding programs, and assist with the application procedures. Research information is collected and analyzed via FoDok, the research documentation database. JKU Transfer is the first point of contact for companies looking to collaborate with our scholars and scientists. The department has implemented many measures to support the successful transfer of knowledge from science to industry.

IPR Management

The staff at the Department of IPR Management provide JKU employees with counseling and academic advising services ranging from issues relating to intellectual property rights (IPR), answering questions about invention disclosure, to supporting the transition of research findings to real-world practices.

„When it comes to research at the Johannes Kepler University the following applies: New technologies must serve people. Not the other way around. We want to move Upper Austria forward. Through innovation, cooperation, and vision.“
Univ. Prof. Dr. Alexander Egyed M.Sc., Vice-Rector for Research