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Wolfgang Högler, Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Research Focusing on Rare Diseases

Rare does not mean just low in number: Approximately 7% of the population suffers from one of over 7,000 rare disorders known at present.

Irene Tiemann-Boege

The JKU is Involved in New, Special Research Field

The Austrian Science Fund’s funding program for "Special Research Areas" gives teams from different research institutions an opportunity to come…

2021 Covid-19 Symposium

COVID-19 Symposium - Challenges in Patient Care and Research Findings

Participants at a high-profile symposium focused on key findings related to COVID-19.

Christoph Helm

A JKU Study Shows Open Instruction Better Helped Students Pandemic-Related School Closures

Educational researchers Sonja Lenz and Christoph Helm (Johannes Kepler University Linz) conducted an Austria-wide study survey of secondary school…

F.l.: Gramse, Lindinger

Georg Gramse Receives Venia Legendi/Habilitation Certification

Vice-Rector Christopher Lindinger presented biophysicist Georg Gramse with his venia legendi/habilitation certificate.

AI image; photo credit: Pixabay

"SafeSign" for Road Traffic: Can You Trust AI?

I spy with my little eye: How an artificial intelligence perceives traffic signs.