The Dance of Life: Protein Arranges DNA

A JKU video shows just how the cohesion protein arranges DNA.

Das Protein Cohesin ordnet DNA
Das Protein Cohesin ordnet DNA

Prof. Peter Hinterdorfer and Daniel Canena (Department of Applied Experimental Biophysics) applied atomic force microscopy (AFM) to capture the way proteins "sway and dance". One could even refer to it as the "dance of life". The video recordings focus on cohesin, a protein that condenses and arranges our body’s DNA. As DNA is enormously long, time and again it must be re-arranged during the various stages of a cell's life cycle.

The video depicts these exact movements at the point when the cohesion protein grasps the DNA. The study by JKU researchers was published together with researchers from other research institutions in the renowned journal Cell. Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to learn more.

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