Research Documentation.

FoDok at the JKU

Research conducted at the JKU is on display for all the world to see. Our accomplishments are publicly documented in our Research Documentation section (FoDok).

  • Publications:
    Books, journal articles and compilations, research reports, editorial activities, etc.
  • Presentations:
    Invitations to speak and present, (keynote)´presentations at conferences and symposia, poster presentations, post-doctorate presentations, etc.
  • Research Projects:
    Scientific/academic projects for grant-funded and contract research, Diploma degree theses, dissertations, and post-doctorate degree projects, etc.
  • Scientific Community Services:
    Functions/memberships, organized events, stays abroad, etc.
  • Inventions:
    Awarded and approved patents

The majority of this information is available to the public so embark on a journey of discovery and learn more about the research being conducted at the JKU!

FoDok - Facts & Figures


More than 65,000 publications

Research Projects

Over 5,000 research projects, more than half of them in the area of funded research


More than 30,000 presentations in 120 different countries

Scientific Community Services

Approx. 10,000 services for the Scientific Community


Over 60 patents owned by the JKU


Institute Accomplishments

See all of the accomplishments at a JKU research institute of interest!

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Intellectual Capital

Read about the publications and presentations by JKU researchers that have been included in the intellectual capital report!