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Professor Oliver Brüggemann

Molecular Stamp for Plastics

A patent has now been granted in the USA for a molecular stamp developed by chemists at the JKU.

Symbol image computer; photo credit: Pixabay

Do Computers Always Perform Correct Calculations?

An increasing number of circuits on increasingly smaller and smaller surfaces - can we really rely on our computers?

Can drugs in treated wastewater be absorbed by plants? Photo credit: Pixabay

How Did Beta Blockers End Up in My Herbs?

Are pharmaceuticals in our wastewater a problem? What happens when this treated wastewater is used in agriculture and to water crops? Do the drugs...

Professor Christoph Helm

Nationwide Parent Survey: "Schools During the Third Lockdown"

In cooperation with the Lower Austrian Parents' Association, the Johannes Kepler University conducted a study focusing on parents and students during...

Left: Professor Serdar Saricftici; photo credit: the Austrian Science Fund

Tapping into God: Why the Sun is Important for the Future

Prof. Sariciftci has been conducting solar energy research for the past 30 years. His goal: To prevent a “Mad Max” scenario.

Professor Rastelli

Imperfect and Intertwined: Quantum Teleportation with Quantum Dots

As part of an international collaboration, scientists have succeeded in bringing quantum teleportation about using "imperfect quantum dots", i.e....