Florian Gilcher - Secure Coding with Rust

Memory safety violations, such as an array out-of-bound or dangling pointer access, lead t o anum ber of well-known software bugs and malicious security attacks. Many of these vulnerabilitiesoriginate from systems programming languages which do not provide memory- and type-safety.

"Rust" provides an alternative to such systems programming languages as well as other high-level programming languages with a set of characteristics that can help to improve security. In this talk, we will discuss the core features of Rust as well as its benefits for programmers.

In particular, we investigate different aspects of Rust that help to improve the security of a system. By looking at examples of common security vulnerabilities, we will explore concepts such as "explicit mutability" or "static automatic memory management" that assist developers to avoid these frequent pitfalls.

Date: May 7th, 2018, 15:30-17:00


07.05.2018, 15:30 - 17:00


MT226, Mechatronikgebäude


Michael Hölzl