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The innovative educational-learning lab for digital education & computational thinking.

The COOL Lab is

  • A teaching, learning, creative, and research lab for ALL subject areas
  • with different topics to explore at the lab in which,
  • depending on personal interests, visitors can take on the role of student, educator, researcher, or developer and
  • try out and use the most recent technologies.

COOL stands for...

  • COoperative Open Learning
  • COmputer(Science)-Supported Open Learning (technologies and computer science concepts to support teaching and learning in all subject areas)
  • Cross-Curricular Open and Online Learning as well as
  • "Cool" as in motivating, creative, exciting, playful, etc.


Linz School of Education


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Science Park 5, 4th Floor

We focus on the following topics:

  • Use and discover digital technologies
  • Apply computational thinking for all subject areas and grade levels
  • Create and develop digital products suche as websites, apps, games)

  • Plan and implement creating, technology-based lessons
  • Learn and apply innovative teaching and learning strategies and tools
  • Support learning skills suchs as understanding texts, solving problems, and logical thinking, etc.

  • Internships and vocational direction for school students
  • Topic pools for pre-academic papers and Matura projects
  • School and research projects for and with partner schools

  • Spark interest for Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Support young, gifted students
  • Strengthen expertise and skills

  • Text comprehension and production in various subject areas
  • Language(s) in Natural Sciences and Computer Science (such as "formula languages" in mathematics, gender-sensitive use of language in natural sciences, communication between people and computers)
  • Learn and apply programming languages and foreign languages

The COOL LAB offers the following programs:

Continual Education for Educators

Programs for Educators in All Subject Areas and Grade Levels

Programs for Students

Programs for Students in All Subject Areas, Particularly Teacher Education and Computer Sciences

Our Team

Gifted Student Programs

Cooperation Partners & Projects