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Info Day Mechatronics: School Students “Measure the World” at the JKU.

(19.12.2017) Microwaves, sensors, miniature measuring systems: Today we use the most recent measurement technology in the world; an area that has become a key field in Mechatronics.


The 4th Annual Mechatronics Info Day at the JKU gave over 400 school students an opportunity to learn more first-hand about modern measurement technology in engineering, natural sciences, medicine, environmental protection and agriculture. This field has become an important part of modern engineering sciences.

In the future, coatings will carry sensors. Microscopic measurement systems not only save space and energy, they can also use effects that only happen on a small scale. Microwaves - the basis of radar systems designed to locate aircraft - also help in industry and medicine.

The world is harder to understand without precise measurements and measurement technology needs to integrate with modern engineering. The Mechatronics Info Day is an outstanding opportunity to attract students from different schools - not only from technically-oriented schools - to see what the program has to offer. For example, Prof. Pehböck and his students from the Kreuzschwestern school in Linz are have become "regulars" at the event: "The presentations and the individual, hands-on stations are very interesting and almost all of our former students have said the event was worth attending."

The Kreuzschwestern school is an AHS school that believes providing comprehensive education in technology is important. Prof. Pehböck and his students take advantage of Mechatronics Info Day to learn more about modern areas of technology.