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JKU Young Scientists
Program for Gifted Students.

Why is the sky blue? How does streaming music work? Will you soon be able to call a drone cab? Students in the JKU's Young Scientists program experiment and conduct research together with JKU experts in the fields of engineering, computer sciences, and natural sciences.

If you attend an AHS or BHS school (10th grade on), you can take part in this workshop program. Dive into the world of science and research and get a summer internship at the Johannes Kepler University or at a renowned company in Upper Austria.

Take part in Upper Austria's largest program for gifted students! Pursue your personal interests while still in school and choose from the following subject areas:


Program Management

Katharina Heidel, BSc


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Science Park 5, Rm. 0329

Why you should take part in the JKU Young Scientists program.

  1. You actively explore and immerse yourself in the diverse world of engineering and science at the Johannes Kepler University Linz

  2. Take part in interesting and exciting workshops on a wide variety of topics in computer science, electronics & information technology, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and polymer technologies.

  3. Meet and learn from internationally recognized researchers and experts

  4. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to complete an internship at a well-known, recognized company

  5. Learn more about different academic degree programs and occupations. Invest in your future to help you decide what you want to study or do after finishing school

Your Part

  1. Sign up for the JKU Young Scientists program you are interested in

  2. Take part in the program workshops during the school year

  3. Complete the offered workshops to be eligible for a summer internship with one of our partners.


JKU Young Computer Scientists

Explore digital worlds, learn how computer games are created, or why cyber security is so important. Exciting workshops await, ranging from computer graphics to bioinformatics.

Program Information


Max. 15

Number of Workshops


JKU Young Engineering Scientists

How do you make a computer chip? How do you transmit, process, and store information? Explore topics ranging from robots that can serve drinks and operate humans to drone cabs! Those interested in electronics and information technology, mechatronics or mechanical engineering will be at the forefront of research.

Dive into the world of technology and learn about game consoles, mobile communications and medical technology as well as airplanes, automobiles and industrial plants.

Program Information


Max. 15

Number of Workshops


JKU Young Physics Scientists

If you know all about the colors in the sky as well as about a smartphone's complex features then you're already acquainted with the field of physics! Learn more about the world of natural laws and their modern applications, ranging from the world of research to how it impacts your everyday life.

Program Information


Max. 25

Number of Workshops


JKU Young Chemistry Scientists

How do you make a frisbee out of recycled bottle caps? What can you print using a 3D printer? Dive into the colorful world of chemists and learn all about polymer materials, the latest inventions, and sustainable recycling.

Program Information


Max. 25

Number of Workshops


JKU Young Mathematics Scientists

Streaming music, withdrawing money, forecasting the weather or looking into space - mathematics makes all of this possible. Learn how to apply mathematical theories to real-world practices.

Program Information


Max. 30

Number of Workshops

6 (3 WS + 3 SS)

Sign Up

The 2023/2024 Academic Year

Registration for the class of 2023/2024 is already closed. Registration for 2024/25 will be opened October 2024.




Photos from the closing ceremony on October 13, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need any documents to sign up for the JKU Young Scientists program. Choose the program you are interested in and click on the registration button. Once you have entered the required information, submit a brief letter of intent as to why you would like to take part in the program.

In general, you can sign up for several programs. Please check beforehand, however, whether the programs overlap with the dates for the individual workshops. If several dates overlap, we recommend only signing up for one program.

The program content is aimed at those who are aged 16 and older. If you are younger than 16 and still want to take part, please contact program management directly.

Yes, of course you can. You can take part again and again (even in the same program) as long as you attend an AHS or BHS school in Upper Austria.

To apply for an internship at one of our partner companies or at a JKU institute, you need a letter of intent, a current CV, and your report card from last year.

This varies depending on the program and on the total number of workshops for each program. See the individual program pages to learn more..

Taking part in a summer internship is optional and you are not required to complete an internship. You can also just take part in the workshops.

No, just because you are in the program does not mean you will get a summer internship position. You must apply. These applications will be sent directly to the partner companies. The decision as to whether or not you will get an internship position is up to the respective company.

No, the CV review is optional however, if you plan on completing a summer internship, we recommend taking part. You not only get advice on how to best apply, you can also have your application documents checked over.

We recommend bringing your letter of intent and your current CV to the application review. You can have them checked by professionals and also get valuable tips and advice.

If one of the workshops takes place at a time when you have class at school, you will still receive a confirmation of participation certificate upon request. Please contact the program manager, if necessary.

Our Partners

Funding to support Upper Austria's most comprehensive program for gifted students is only possible with the generous support of the Johannes Kepler University and numerous partners:

Main Sponsor Upper Austria Government , opens an external URL

Upper Austria Government

Main Partner Talente Oberösterreich Logo , opens an external URL in a new window

talente Support for Gifted Students in Upper Austria

Main Sponsor Wirtschaftskammer Oberösterreich Logo , opens an external URL in a new window

Economic Chamber of Upper Austria


Our Partners

See our program pages for an overview of companies that generously support the JKU Young Scientists program.

  • Would you like to support the JKU's Young Scientists program? We would be pleased to welcome you as a partner of the JKU Young Scientists program.

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