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JKU Young Physics Scientists.

If you know all about the colors in the sky as well as about a smartphone's complex features then you're already acquainted with the field of physics! Learn more aboiut the world of natural laws and their modern applications, ranging from the world of research to how it impacts your everyday life.

As part of the JKU Young Physics Scientists program, you will meet internationally renowned researchers and experts. During the workshop sessions, you not only learn from them, you also find out more about prospective careers and degree programs.

As a JKU Young Scientist, we also offer a unique opportunity to complete a summer internship at the JKU or at a well-known company in Upper Austria. 


Program Manager

Dr. Christoph Cobet


Max. 25

Number of Workshops


Sign Up

Sign up for the 2022/2023 academic year is already closed. Registration for the academic year 2023/24 will start in October 2023.


Terms of Participation

  • Those eligible to take part in the program must attend a school in Upper Austria (6th class AHS, 2nd class BHS, 10th grade on) and be interested in the field of physics.
  • The number of participants is limited to 25.

Workshop Program

The program provides insight into the many facets of physics. Program participants should complete the four workshops. Each workshop begins with a base-knowledge lecture and then continues with a hands-on, applied practice section.

Dates for the workshops listed below will be discussed with participants after the kick-off event.

2021/2022 Academic Year

Topic Date Time Instructor Location
Deadline 4. October - 4. November 2021 11.59 PM    

Application/CV Review (optional)

05.11.2021 3.30 - 5.00 PM   Science Park 1, MT128
Kick-off Event and Company Fair 12.11.2021 5.00 - 7.00 PM   Science Park 3, HS 18
Röntgenbeugung, Vorlesungsteil 18.03.2022 2.30-6.00 PM Andrea Navarro Quezada Physikgebäude, P 004
Röntgenbeugung, Praktischer Teil 19.03.2022 9.00 AM - 12.30 PM Andrea Navarro Quezada Physikgebäude, HS 8
Rastersondenmikroskopie, Vorlesungsteil 01.04.2022 2.30-6.00 PM Stefan Müllegger, Michael Hohage Bankengebäude, BA 9907
Rastersondenmikroskopie, Praktischer Teil 02.04.2022 9.00 AM - 12.30 PM Stefan Müllegger, Michael Hohage Physikgebäude, HS 8
Oberflächenanalytik mit Polarisationsoptik, Vorlesungsteil 13.05.2022 2.30-6.00 PM

Christoph Cobet

Hochschulfondsgebäude, HF 9904
Oberflächenanalytik mit Polarisationsoptik, Praktischer Teil 14.05.2022 9.00 AM - 12.30 PM

Christoph Cobet

Physikgebäude, HS 8
Quantum Computing, Vorlesungsteil 1 10.06.2022 2.30-6.00 PM Robert Zillich, opens an external URL in a new window Bankengebäude, BA 9907
Quantum Computing, Vorlesungsteil 2 11.06.2022 9.00 AM - 12.30 PM Robert Zillich, opens an external URL in a new window Physikgebäude, HS 8
Internship Summer 2022      
Closing Ceremony October 7, 2022 5:00 - 8:00 PM   Science Park 3, HS 18



Summer Internship

Those who attend at minimum of 3 out of the 4 scheduled workshops can apply for a paid summer internship at the Johannes Kepler University Linz during the summer of 2023.

We would like to thank our cooperation partners for supporting the JKU Young Physics Scientists program in 2022/23:

Please note!

When signing up, please indicate whether or not you are interested in a summer internship. Only then will you have an opportunity to get one!