Engineering Secondary Level I

Computer Science

Visual Computing - The Four-Dimensional Future of Smart Cameras, Displays, etc ...

The future of display and camera technologies has already begun - and it's four-dimensional! In the future, cameras will be able to measure the amount of light coming from different angles. Pixels in future display screens will be able to produce different proportions of light for different viewing angles. The result: three-dimensional images! The presentation will focus on the aspects of future display, recording and lighting technologies.

Instructor: Univ. Prof. Dr. Oliver Bimber
Type of presentation: Lecture and a demonstration.

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60 min.

Create a Game Using Scratch

We will begin with a brief introduction to the graphic programming environment Scratch ( We will develop our first computer game together, even if students have not had any previous programming experience. Depending on how long the workshop is, participants can continue developing more games based on instructions or their own ideas.

Instructor: DI Markus Weninger
Type of presentation: A hands-on workshop.

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Max. 25 persons


Min. 1.5 Hours