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Engineering Secondary Level I.

How do drones make use of artificial intelligence and what do they do with it?

An introduction to today's drone technology and insight into our research focusing on new drone systems that can penetrate dense forest coverage to locate missing persons, any source of fire, or wild game.
Please note: In the event of bad weather, the experiment part will be cancelled.


Prerequisites: This workshop is suitable for school students at the 4th class (AHS schools, lower level) and older!

Instructor: Univ. Prof. Dr. Oliver Bimber
Workshop: Presentation + experiment (outdoor drone operations, weather permitting)

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Approx. 90 min. (45 min. presentation + 45 min. experiment - weather permitting)

Create a Game Using Scratch

Following a brief introduction to the Scratch graphic programming environment (scratch.mit.edu), and even without previous programming experience, we will work together to create a computer game. We will start with the basics and work our way step-by-step to more complex tasks. At the end, participants will get information and instructions on how to develop their own games at home.


Prerequisites: None. This workshop is particularly suited for students who do not have any previous programming experience.

Instructor: Dr. Markus Weninger
Type of Presentation: A hands-on workshop

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Presentation Number



max. 25


Approx. 60 min.