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Even nowadays, traditional roles and stereotypes continue to be a powerful influence and many men and women often choose a more traditional type of educational program and/or professional occupation.

We have created programs for elementary school-age children to address gender awareness in the classroom and encourage students to start thinking about their own career plans and interests independent of gender bias. The Department of Gender & Diversity Management (JKU) has created a proven workshop concept addressing issues such as gender equality, equality between women and men, gender roles, gender-specific division of labor, etc. The workshops include theoretical exercises with hands-on tasks such as building towers and rotors made out of various materials.

In cooperation with the Office for Women's Affairs (city of Linz), 10 gender-awareness workshops were held in the fall of 2016 in addition to twenty 90-minute workshops. The department offered fourteen workshops based on the proven concept as well as 6 newly developed training workshops aimed at secondary school students from the second grade on. The workshops were conducted by experienced staff members at the Department of Gender & Diversity directly at elementary schools from April to December 2017.  A new round will begin February 2018.

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