Summer "KinderUniLinz" Program.

Conduct research, experiments and be amazed: Each year in July you can conquer the campus when the JKU holds its annual summer "KinderUniLinz" program.

Study at the university, even if still in school: The JKU's summer "KinderUniLinz" program makes it possible. Under the academic management of the JKU, you can get a taste of campus life and satisfy your curiousity by checking out different academic areas.

Observe animals, experiment at our labs, bring robots to life, discover space, the internet, the insect kingdom, alines, your legal rights, foreign lands - or even yourself.

We will post more information about the upcoming program at the JKU shortly!

Get your spot in the summer "KinderUniLinz" program - a summer 2020 highlight!

Summer "KinderUniLinz" Program


July 12 - 13 and
July 16-17, 2018

Target Group

Children and Teens
ages 5 to 15

Info & Registration

KinderUniLinz 2020 - Graduation

Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 5 pm at the JKU Ceremony Room
Bring your family and friends to celebrate!