The Johannes Kepler University Linz would like to congratulate you on successfully completing your degree!

Take advantage of the opportunity to take part in a commencement ceremony and celebrate your academic accomplishments!


Event Management


Kopfgebäude Bldg., Ground Floor, Rms. KG007-KG010A


+43 732 2468 4984


Graduates of Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma degree and Doctoral degree programs can select from the following graduation ceremony dates:

Date Registration Deadline Register Beginning
September 25 and 26, 2019 August 28, 2019 July 11, 2019
December 4 and 5, 2019 November 6, 2019 September 30, 2019

General Information about Commencement Ceremonies at the JKU.

  • You may only take part in the graduation ceremony after you have received official notification that you have successfully completed your academic degree program or if you already have official status as an alumni (for more information on this, please contact the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services)
  • Administration fees are € 49 (bank transfer information: Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Altenbergerstraße 69, 4040 Linz, BIC RZOOAT2L, IBAN AT96 3400 0000 0262 4815, Purpose of Payment: "Akademische Feier"
  • Please attach the payment document (*.pdf, *.jpg or *.tif, max. 2 MB) to the registration form
  • If you have registered successfully, you will receive a detailed notification and confirmation email
  • If you cannot take part in the graduation ceremony and cancel after you have registered - or you are prevented from being able to take part - the administrative fee of €49 will not be refunded.
  • The registration form is only available and visible during the registration period
  • Parking is available at the university parking lots and regular fees apply
  • You are welcome to invite family members and friends; advance registration is not required. We looking forward to welcoming many guests!
  • You will receive a written invitation via e-mail containing information about the graduation ceremony and schedule approximately two weeks after the registration deadline
  • You can purchase a graduation cap as part of the commencement ceremony. You can submit your order at any time by sending an e-mail to:; at the commencement ceremony we will provide you with a graduation cap which must be returned to us after the ceremony.


Please register under the following link to the Commencement Ceremonies in September 2019: