Examination Recognition/Credit Transfer - Austria

Bachelor's Degree in Human Medicine / Master's in Human Medicine


  1. When filing an application, use AUWEA NG to determine credit transfer.
  2. The application will be approved after review by the corresponding representative.
  3. The Office of Examinations and Recognition Services will issue official notification.
  4. The original notification can be picked up in person at the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services. You will receive e-mail notification.
    For credit transfer of examinations taken at other Austrian universities or at a university abroad, please bring the documents in the original providing there is no valid official signature.

    Students in the Graz-Linz group can also send the original documents by mail (postal service).  Anschließend wird der Bescheid mit den Zeugnissen retourniert.

Completed clinical traineeships must also be submitted to the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services for approval. See Clinical Traineeship for detailed information.