Credit Transfer/Examination Recognition - Austria.


  1. When filing an application, use AUWEA NG to determine credit transfer.
  2. The application will be approved after review by the corresponding representative.
  3. The Office of Examinations and Recognition Services will issue the notification of approval which can then be picked up in person. If a digitally signed certificate was not uploaded when the application was submitted, the original certificate must be presented when the application is picked up at the latest. You may also make advance arrangements to have the notification sent via registered mail.
    Office hours for the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

List of Faculty Representatives and Contact Persons




Dr. Ursula Rami, Ext. 7727
Institute of Sociology,
Keplergebäude Bldg., K 217 B
EDUCATION/ PSYCHOLOGY DI Mag. Dr. Michael Himmelsbach, MA, Ext. 7258
Linz School of Education,
Keplergebäude Bldg., K 035/1 A


Management & Marketing
Accounting & Tax

Coordinated by the Office of
Examinations & Recognition Services

Bank Building BA 101

MATHEMATICS A.Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Neubauer, Ext. 4103
I Institute for Industrial Mathematics,
Science Park 2 S20522
STATISTICS Assoz.Univprof. Mag. Dr. Helga Wagner, Ext. 6831
Institute of Applied Statistics,
Science Park 2 S20071
O.Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Stary, Ext. 4321
Institute of Business Informatics - Communications Engineering,
Science Park 3 S30149
ECONOMICS A.Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Susanne Pech, Ext. 7383
Institute for Economics,
Keplergebäude Bldg., K 111A
LANGUAGES Mag.Dr. Ilse Born-Lechleitner, Ext. 7014
Center for Business Languages and Intercultural Communications,
Management Center, MZ 109B
CIVIC STUDIES Dr. Thomas Spielbüchler, Ext. 7997
Institute of Modern and Contemporary History,
Keplergebäude Bldg.,  K 262D
SOCIAL SCIENCES & HUMANITIES Dr. Cäcilia Innreiter-Moser, Ext. 4444
Institute of Organization and Global Management Studies,
Hochschulfond Bldg., HF 206
LAW Katharina Samhaber, Ext.3203
Teaching and Studies Organization / Teaching and Studies Administration,
Bank Building, BA 216
INFORMATION PROCESSING A.Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. Johann Höller, Ext. 5545
Institut für Digital Business,
Management Center, MZ 211A


Information about Credit Transfer/Examination Recognition at the FernUni Hagen


Additional information for individual majors:

DOCTORATE DEGREE PROGRAM in Social Sciences, Economics & Business / DOCTORATE DEGREE PROGRAM in Social Sciences & Humanities / PhD Program in Economics


Bachelor's Degree Program in Social Sciences and Humanities

There is no need to submit an application for credit transfer/examination recognition for the following courses.

Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs in Business Informatics