Completion of a Bachelor's Degree Program.

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree program requires the successful completion of the Bachelor's degree examination (=Bachelorprüfung) or submission of an application to complete the program after passing all of the required course examinations and completing a Bachelor's thesis. The respective curricula applies in regards to degree completion.

After the final course examination, or the last subject examination in the Bachelor's degree program has been entered in KUSSS under  "Degree Completion", submit an application to complete studies. Complete the examination roster (=Prüfungsraster) and submit the form to the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

If your major concludes with a Bachelor's degree examination, indicate on the examination roster that you have registered for the examination.

Approximately two weeks after successfully passing the final Bachelor's degree examination and after submitting a final degree application, students may pick up their official degree (issued in German and English) at the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

Students must complete and submit the UHStat2 (a census form regarding study-related stays abroad).

As soon as completion of your undergraduate degree is visible in the system, you can access the admission requirements to a Master's program at the Admissions Office (if necessary, by e-mail:

See the examination rosters and any special regulations below. Do not change or alter the examination roster form in any way.

Examinations and Recognitions Services


Bank Building, 1st floor, Rms: 101A, 101B and 101C


Teacher Education Studies

Bachelor's Degree Program Teacher Education Studies Secondary Level (General Education)

Examination Roster - 198 Educational Sciences

Examination Roster - 198 400 UF Physical Education

Examination Roster - 198 401 UF Art Education

Examination Roster - 198 402 UF Biology and Environmental Science

Examination Roster - 198 404 UF Chemistry

Examination Roster - 198 406 UF German

Examination Roster - 198 407 UF English

Examination Roster - 198 413 UF Nutrition and Household

Examination Roster - 198 409 UF French

Examination Roster - 198 410 UF Geography and Economics

Examination Roster - 198 411 UF History and Social Studies/Political Education

Examination Roster - 198 435 UF Design: Techniques.Textiles

Examination Roster - 198 412 UF Greek

Examination Roster - 198 414 UF Computer Sciences and CompSci Management

Examination Roster - 198 417 UF Italian

Examination Roster - 198 418 UF Catholic Religion

Examination Roster - 198 419 UF Latin

Examination Roster - 198 420 UF Mathematics

Examination Roster - 198 421 UF Media Design

Examination Roster - 198 422 UF Music Education

Examination Roster - 198 423 UF Physics

Examination Roster - 198 425 UF Psychology and Philosophy

Examination Roster - 198 426 UF Russian

Examination Roster - 198 429 UF Spanish

Examination Roster - 198 434 UF Technical Handcrafts

Examination Roster - 198 430 UF Textile Design

Examination Roster - 198 499 Specialization incl. Education / Focus on the Disabled



Social Sciences, Economics and Business

Bachelor's Degree in Humanities

Examination Roster - 033 307 Social Sciences and Humanities

Bachelor's Degree Program in Social Economic

Examination Roster - 033 528 Social Economics

Bachelor's Degree Program in Sociology

Examination Roster - 033 505 Sociology


Bachelor's Degree Program in Statistics and Data Science

If you still have to take a Bachelor's degree examination, you must agree on a date together with the examiner after completing the last course. Register four weeks before the examination date by submitting the examination roster to the Office of Examination and Recognition Services.

If you do not have to take a Bachelor's degree examination, after your last course examination for your degree program has been entered in KUSSS under "Final Grades", you must submit a completed examination roster to the Office of Examination and Recognition Services in order to receive your degree.

Examination Roster - 033 551 Statistics

Examination Roster - 033 551 Statistics and Data Science


Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Computer Science

Examination Roster - 033 526 Business Computer Science

Engineering and Natural Sciences

If necessary, you can submit the examination roster if you are only missing the last examination.

Bachelors's Degree in Artificial Intelligence

Examination Roster - 033 536 Artificial Intelligence


Bachelors's Degree in Bioinformatics

Examination Roster - 033 675 Bioinformatics


Bachelors's Degree in Biological Chemistry

Examination Roster - 033 663 Biological Chemistry


Bachelors's Degree in Electronics and Information Technology

Examination Roster - 033 289 Electronics and Information Technology


Bachelors's Degree in Computer Science

Examination Roster - 033 521 Computer Science


Bachelors's Degree in Polymer Engineering Technologies

Examination Roster - 033 220 Polymer Engineering Technologies


Bachelors's Degree in Mechatronics

Examination Roster - 033 281 Mechatronics


Bachelors's Degree in Medical Engineering

Examination Roster - 033 254 Medical Engineering


Bachelors's Degree in Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology (NaSciTec)

Examination Roster - 033 320 Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology (NaSciTec)


Bachelors's Degree in Technical Chemistry

Examination Roster - 033 290 Technical Chemistry (completion until 30.09.2019)

Examination Roster - 033 290 Chemistry and Chemical Technologies


Bachelors's Degree in Technical Mathematics

Examination Roster - 033 201 Technical Mathematics


Bachelors's Degree in Technical Physics

Examination Roster - 033 261 Technical Physics