Examination Dates.

Dates! Dates! Dates!

Please register for subject examinations via KUSSS within the registration period.

Check the academic area below to find frame dates and see registration deadlines.

The exact examination dates including details (day, location, time, etc) are available in KUSSS approximately two weeks before the examination date under "Kundmachung".

Office of Examination and Recognition Services.


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Business Education

Winter Semester 2019/20

Dates for the Second Diploma Degree Examination for WIPÄD

Summer Semester 2020

Dates for the Second Diploma Degree Examination to WIPÄD

Schwerpunktfächer lt. Curriculum WIWI

Dates for the main subjects in accordance with the curriculum for Business can be found under "WIWI" and the respective semester.

Bachelor's Degree Program in Sociology

Winter Semester 2019/20

Written Academic Area Examinations (Empirical Social Research and Sociological Theory)

Summer Semester 2020

Written Academic Area Examination Dates (Empirical Social Research and Sociological Theory)


The examiner and student must agree on a final examination date and inform the Department of Examination and Recognition Services at the latest 10 days before the examination date.

See Degree Completion for detailed information.