Independent studies.

Are you interested in a variety of subjects but don't want to study them all? If you have a strong idea of what your ideal curriculum would be, you can create a customized degree program.

You can take course and subjects from various Diploma degree, undergraduate or graduate degree programs and combine them to create a customized Bachelor's or Master's degree program. The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs will approve the application provided the program is equivalent to a subject-specific degree program.




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How do I apply for an independent study program?

Submit an application for admission to an independent study program to the university where the degree is to be completed. If the main study focus is at the JKU, the application for admission must be submitted to the Admissions Office at the JKU. The application must include:

1. The name of the degree program;
2. The curriculum, including the qualification profile;
3. The amount of transferrable ECTS credits;
4. If the degree program is to be completed at more than one university, please submit the allocation of subjects from the universities involved (=Zuordnung der Fächer).

What does the curriculum for an independent study program have to include?

The curriculum of an independent study must contain the following:

1. Specify whether a Bachelor's or Master's degree program
2. Program name: Students can select the name of the degree program. The main educational focus for the independent study degree must be recognizable in the program's name
3. Qualification profile

When creating the curriculum for an independent study degree program, only subjects from current curricula may be used.

What is a Qualification Profile?

The qualification profile gives you an opportunity to outline the program (duration, scope, planned courses, define which academic degree you wish to earn). In addition, you create an examination schedule and determine which form of final thesis you would like.

The pdf "Curriculum for an Independent Study Program" contains a checklist of the points the curriculum must contain.

How do I take examinations? Where can I register for them?

The examination schedule and registration procedure can vary when it come to independent study programs and we cannot provide general information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

What academic degree will I be awarded?

Graduates of an independent Bachelor's degree study program will be awarded the academic degree "Bachelor" (abbreviated "BA"), and graduates of an independent Master's degree program will be awarded the academic degree "Master" (abbreviated "MA").
Graduates of an independent Master's study program in engineering will be awarded the academic degree "Diplom-Ingenieurin" or "Diplom-Ingenieur" (abbreviated "Dipl.-Ing." or "DI").