To support refugee and asylum-seeking students in a pre-study program.

The MOREclassic program is for refugees and asylum-seekers who have been admitted to a pre-study program at the JKU in order to take and pass required supplementary examinations before starting a degree program.

Taking part in the MOREclassic program means:

  • Receiving a scholarship to pay for tuition fees
  • Reducing the course fees in the pre-study program by 10% (asylum-seekers, those with subsidiary protection status) and or 30% (those with asylum status)
  • Travel allowance
  • Regularly scheduled meetings for information and to meet people and network

The application deadline for the 2019/2020 academic year has expired.


Katharina Oberthaler, MSc 
Ines Tumfart, BSc



Admissions Office, Bank Building,
1st, Floor, Rm. 113B

Who is eligible to apply for the MORE classic program?

  • You are seeking asylum and hold a residence permit card in accordance with § 51 AsylG, entitled to asylum, subsidiary protection in accordance with § 52 AsylG or tolerated according to § 46a FPG and
  • you already study at the JKU or have a valid letter of admission and would like to start studying and
  • you have been asked to pass one or more supplementary examinations as part of a pre-study program

If all of this and more applies to you, then you are eligible to apply to the MOREclassic program.


How can I apply to the MOREclassic program?

  • Submit your application between June 24 and July 21, 2019
  • Click here to download the application form or pick up a form at the Admissions Office at the Johannes Kepler University
  • Please submit your application to the Admissions Office via e-mail, by postal mail, or bring it to the Admissions Office a the JKU in person by no later than July 21, 2019

What documents are required?

  • A completed and signed application form
  • A letter of intent
  • A copy of your KeplerCard (if available)
  • Your most current language proficiency certificate for German
  • A copy of your residence card / passport
  • A valid letter of admission issued by the JKU or confirmation of enrollment