Non-Degree Seeking Students.

Do you need more time to earn your Matura diploma? Are you interested in a special course offered at the JKU but do not intend to earn a degree? Then you can enroll at the JKU as a 'non-degree seeking student'.

For those who do not have university entrance qualifications, enrolling as a non-degree seeking student may be helpful or necessary in order to either attend university courses, complete mandatory supplementary examinations, or pass the university enrollment eligibility examination.


Non-Degree Seeking Students.

What is an external degree program?

Those who do not have the required university entrance qualifications to enroll as a degree-seeking student can enroll at the JKU as a non-degree seeking student in order to:

  • take the university enrollment eligibility examination or
  • bridge the time until earning university entrance qualifications (Matura equivalency test, last part of the "Berufsreifeprüfung") or
  • complete individual courses

Applicants who hold international university entrance qualifications and who have received a letter of admission will be enrolled as a non-degree seeking student to attend a preparation program in the event that the applicant must still pass supplementary examinations or language proficiency examinations before being admitted as a degree-seeking student.

Students enrolled under 'non-degree seeking status' cannot earn an academic degree.

How do I enroll as a non-degree seeking student?

Follow the instructions and register for an account.

Please send following documents as a PDF file via e-mail to:

Please ensure that all of the documents are good quality, legible, and are a PDF file only. Other file formats will not be accepted.

  • Confirmation of Registration: the e-mail you received during Step 2 "Select Major".
  • A valid passport, identity card or driver's license together with your proof of citizenship document.
  • Austrian social insurance number (e-Card)
  • Sworn statement

You will receive an e-mail regarding additional steps after enrolling. See: A Guide To Start Your Degree for more information.
Once the admissions procedure has been completed within the respective deadlines, you can then sign up for courses .

How do I change my student enrollment status from 'non-degree seeking student' to 'degree-seeking student'?

As soon as you have earned university entrance qualifications (a Reifeprüfung) or have successfully passed the university enrollment eligibility examination (=Studienberechtigungsprüfung), the Admissions Office will change your student status from 'non degree-seeking student' to 'degree-seeking student' during the admissions period for the respective semester. You will then be able to declare a major.

To be admitted as a degree-seeking student you will need to show your university entrance qualifications (school-leaving certificate or having successfully passed the university enrollment eligibility examination).

Will examinations taken while enrolled as a non degree-seeking student count later towards my degree?

Yes, but only if the examinations were taken BEFORE passing the university entrance qualifications examination (Reifeprüfung) or passing the university enrollment eligibility examination (Studienberechtigungsprüfung).

If you passed examinations AFTER earning university entrance qualifications (Reifeprüfung) or passing the university enrollment eligibility examination (Studienberechtigungsprüfung), these examinations will not count in your academic degree program. 

If you have any questions about credit transfer/examination recognition, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services at the JKU.