The JKU rewards your academic achievements and successes! Here you will a list of all available scholarships and grants ranging from successfully completing studies to support for a stay abroad program. See Study Grant Authority for additional information. Take advantage of the opportunity!

Merit Scholarships and Study Grants

Did you complete your degree program in the alotted time with an average GPA of no less than 2.0? Or is your Diploma degree/Master's thesis or doctoral dissertation deserving of financial support? Here you will find information you need to apply for a JKU merit scholarship or a study grant. The scholarships are awarded annually and funds have been made available by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and the Economy.

Graduation Scholarship

The Graduate Scholarship was created for students approaching the end phase of attaining their academic goal. Prerequisites include only have a few examinations to pass until degree completion or - if graduate requirements include writing a Diploma degree or Master's thesis - that the student has begun writing the thesis.

Please note: Doctoral/PhD candidates are not eligible to receive a graduation scholarship.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Students spending a semester abroad can apply for a financial aid scholarship:


Additional Financial Aid Support

You don't qualify for a merit scholarship or a study grant? The Austrian Study Grant Authority provides comprehensive information on its homepage about additional funding opportunities. The Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor has created a scholarship calculator that has also been tested by the Study Grant Authority.

You can find additional information about scholarships and social benefits in the brochure "Studieren in Linz" published by the Austrian Student Union. The brochure is available at the SOWI ÖH office (in the Keplergeb. building).