University Enrollment Eligibility Examination for Law.

Those who wish to pursue a Diploma degree in Law or a Bachelor's degree in Business Law at the JKU can take the corresponding University Enrollment Eligibility Examination at the JKU.

See below to view a list of the mandatory and elective subjects that must be taken.

Mandatory Subjects


Please consult with Mag. Andreas Hölzl to determine the electives.
Two weeks after you have submitted the application form, contact him by calling: 0732 / 2468-3606.


Mandatory Subjects:

Essay on General Topic
Click here for detailed information about the examination topics. You are allowed four hours for each topic.

Ability to express one's self in English both orally and in written form and correctly use basic grammar; ability to understand English at a normal level of speed and engage intelligibly in conversation of general content; ability to translate simple texts to German; ability to read and summarize short texts; ability to write about general topics in a narrative and descriptive manner.

Fundamentals of general history; essential historical facts and developments in European history with a focus on Austria and also taking cultural, economic and socio-historical aspects into account.

Latin 1
Knowledge of the vocabulary required in the study of Roman Law as well as today's required legal language and terminology.

The requirements will be determined together with the examiner.

Forms and Announcements