Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase (StEOP).

If you are starting a Bachelor's degree program or Diploma degree program at the JKU, § 66 of the 2002 Universities Act in the currently valid version require you to complete the Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase (StEOP). (The StEOP does not apply to the Bachelor's degree in Human Medicine).

Util you did finish your StEOP you are just allowed to finish limited additional lectures.

Details are available in the curriculum and in KUSSS -> under "Meine StEOP".

Provisional Registration:

  • Students who have already completed the course content for a StEOP course but have not yet received a grade in the system can still sign up for classes that require the StEOP be completed. This also applies to classes that have specified ECTS credit limits. You will see a reference note in KUSSS under "My Classes".


Please note! Students can only be provisionally admitted to the class once the StEOP requirements have actually been completed on time or the ECTS limit has not yet been reached. Work completed for classes in which you are provisionally enrolled in will be null and void!

  • You can only register for course examinations once the StEOP requirements have been fulfilled or until the ECTS limit for grades has been attained.
  • Fees for courses that require fee payment will not be refunded.
  • If the required StEOP courses are not completed on time, you must drop or withdraw from the class via KUSSS or directly at the institute or with the course instructor.

Regulations After Completion of the StEOP Courses.

The KUSSS system checks daily to see if all courses/examinations required to successfully complete the StEOP portion of the program have been completed and a final grade has been entered in KUSSS. Completion of the StEOP requirements are then automatically considered completed.

In individual cases (such as credit transfer), completion of the StEOP portion of the program may not occur automatically, even though all required final courses/examination grades in fulfillment of StEOP requirements are available. In this case, please send an e-mail to the Department of Examinations and Recognition Services.

Note: Several majors that contain StEOP requirements as part of the program require that the final StEOP course/examination grades be available. The StEOP requirements can only be considered satisfied after the major number has been changed and/or credit transfer has been approved. In this case, please contact the Department of Examinations and Recognition Services.

Regulations in Regards to Taking StEOP Examinations (courses/examination) to Complete the StEOP Requirements.

Students may only repeat StEOP (courses)/examinations three times (=4 attempts).

Students who fail the last attempt at passing a required examination in the StEOP program as outlined in the curriculum will be disenrolled from the university. Students can only reapply for admission at least three semesters after being disenrolled. Students may only apply for re-admission twice.