Master's Thesis.

Master's theses are scientific, academic papers required as part of a Master's degree program and which serve as proof of the student's ability to work independently on scientific/academic topics in terms of content and methodology. Each Master's degree program requires the successful completion of a Master's thesis.


Students should select a conceptual thesis form so that completion within a six-month period is realistic.

In regards to writing on the topic and academically supervising students, please adhere to provisions as stated under the Copyright Act, BGBl.Nr. 111/1936.

A joint Master's degree thesis authored by more than one student is permitted, provided the work completed by each student can be clearly and individually assessed.

Topic / Registration Procedure

Once the student and institute have agreed on a thesis topic and the topic has been allocated to the student, the student must submit the required form to the Office of Examination and Recognition Services.

The student is required to obtain the academic thesis supervisor's signature (professor or docent).

Additional information regarding individual degree programs:

  • Master's Degree in Human Medicine
    Guidelines to Complete a Master's Thesis
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    In accordance with the guidelines, you must submit at least one copy of the thesis.
  • Master's Degree in Political Education
    The Master's thesis topic will only be assigned/approved once the student successfully completes a minimum of half of the required academic subjects.
  • Master's Degree in Sociology
    Students may begin their Master's degree thesis after having completed a minimum of 30 ECTS credits in required subject areas and in the practice field of sociology as listed in the curriculum for the Master's degree program in Sociology.
  • Master's Degree in Business Informatics
    Students can begin working on their Master's degree thesis after having completed subjects in the curriculum that are relevant to the thesis topic. Relevancy will be determined by the thesis supervisor.

Formal Procedure

Cover Sheet

The cover sheet must contain the following information:

  • Name and location of the university
  • Institute
  • Master's thesis title and subtitle
  • Master's degree thesis for the acquisition of an academic degree (name of degree)
  • Enrolled in the Master's degree program (name of program)
  • Name of the thesis supervisor
  • Name of the author
  • Month and year of submission

Statutory Declaration

The following statutory declaration must appear in your thesis:

I hereby declare that the thesis submitted is my own unaided work, that I have not used other than the sources indicated, and that all direct and indirect sources are acknowledged as references.
This printed thesis is identical with the electronic version submitted.

You can also opt to use the following templates:

Sample Cover Sheet - Master's Thesis
Sample Cover Sheet - Master's Thesis (Law)
Sample Cover Sheet
Sample Cover Sheet LaTex


2 hard-bound copies (no spiral binding) must be submitted to the Department of Examination and Recognition Services.

In addition, an electronic version of your paper must be uploaded at the following address (as a PDF file) before submitting the print version:

Please note that you may submit a print version only if it is completely identical to the uploaded electronic version. No more than one working day may pass between the time you submit the electronic version and the time you submit the print version (when submitting by post, the postmark date will count). We strongly recommend first creating a PDF file and submitting a print version of that file.

You must enable Usage Rights in your PDF document in order to allow the reader to make changes. The document may not contain scanned images as a print version. Do not secure your document or set a password. The document must be saved in a ISO 19005-1 compatible formate (PDF/A) which is specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents.

If your Master's degree thesis is to be inaccessible to others, please complete the form below (Sperrantrag) and submit the form with two copies of your thesis.

Additional information for individual majors:

  • Master's Degree in Physics (460 / 461 / 470)
    Three copies of the thesis must be submitted. At the time of submission, both supervisors must have allocated by a committee president. (Registering a Master's degree thesis).