Austrian Student Union Fees and Tuition Fees.

Studying at the JKU is free, but not for nothing!

If you complete your degree in the timeframe allotted for degree completion (plus two tuition-free semesters), you will not be required to pay tuition. Students must, however, pay the Austrian Student Union fee each semester (last update Winter Semester 2019: € 20.20).

Due to an amendment in the 2002 Universities Act (BGBl. I No. 18/2013), beginning Summer Semester 2013 all Austrian universities require the payment of tuition fees. Tuition fees are € 363.36 per semester.

Whether or not you are subject to paying tuition depends on your study status, nationality/citizenship, and the duration of studies.



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How Much is Tuition?

Tuition fees are €363.36 per semester and €726.72 for third-country nationals. In addition, each semester, all students are required to pay the Austrian Student Union fee that includes insurance coverage in the amount of € 20.20 (last updated for the winter semester 2019/20).

Fees thus amount to a total of €383.56 or €746.92 (both including the Austrian Student Union fee) per semester during the general admission period.

During the grace period (Summer Semester: February 6 to April 30/ Winter Semester: September 6 to November 30), tution fees in the amount of €363.36 will be raised by 10% to €399.70. The double tuition fee in the amount of €726.72 for third-country nationals and the Austrian Student Union fee will not increase during the grace period.

The fee during the grace period is then a total amount of €419.90 or €746.92 (both including the Austrian Student Union fee) per semester.

Who is Required to Pay Tuition?

In general, all students at all Austrian universities are subject to paying tuition fees. Exemptions include students who are generally allowed to waive fees or who are exempt from fees.

All students enrolled at a university in Austria are required to pay the Austrian Student Union fee each semester.

How Do I Pay the Tuition Fees/Austrian Student Union Fees?

Tuition and the Austrian Student Union fee can be paid easily and conveniently online.

You can find information about the amount of fees you owe online at under the menu item "Tuition Fees". There you will also find detailed information about how to conduct a transfer of funds and make your payment.

Please note that if you pay using a pay-in slip or online banking services, your customer information changes each semester!

Customer information consists of a 12-digit number. The first and last four digits are variable. In between you will see your personal 7-digit Student ID Number: #Matrikelnummer####.

When transferring funds from abroad, please note that fees (may) apply and that you will be responsible for paying these fees.

When is Payment of Tuition/Austrian Student Union Fees Due?

Students must pay any tuition fees owed and the Austrian Student Union fee by the end of the official admission period (September 5 for the Winter Semester and to February 5 for the Summer Semester). Students may only be admitted to the university and/or continue studies if the amount owed is paid in full during the admissions period! Partial payment is not accepted.

Tuition fees paid during the grace period (Winter Semester to November 30 and to April 30 for the Summer Semester) will be raised by 10%. The Austrian Student Union fee remains the same. Any payment made after the deadline will be null and void!


Under certain circumstances, students may qualify to waive or be exempt from paying required tuition fees during studies. See below for more information: