Teaching and Studies Organization Team


Name Position Room Extension E-Mail Address
Mag. Therese Wagenhofer, MBA Department Manager Bank Building 2nd Floor, Rm. BA214 3330
Peter Brandstetter Deputy Department Manager Lecture Hall Wing, Hall A 3451
Isabella Ortner, B.A. Department Assistant Bank Building 2nd Floor, Rm. BA215 3103

Department Managers.

Name Areas of Responsibility Room Extension E-Mail
Adelheid Buchmeier, BA MA Project Coordinator, Admissions Procedure BA113B 3102
Andrea Winkler Admissions Procedure BA113B 3182
Markus Priemetshofer Student Employee Admissions Procedure BA113B 3105
N.N. MORE Program BA113B

Student Information & Academic Advising Services.

Location: Lecture Hall Wing, Hall A

Name Position Extension E-Mail Address
Peter Brandstetter Area Manager 3450
Dieter Linemayer, BEd Deputy Area Manager 3450
Silvia Hons, BSc Student Counselor 3450
Mag. Lauren Prandstätter

Student Counselor

Mag. Johanna Sagmeister

Student Counselor

Anton Mayr On sabbatical    

Admissions Office.

Location: Bank Building, 1st Floor, Rms.113 A+B


Head of Section

Name Area of Responsibility Extension E-Mail
Bettina Linemayer, MBA Section Head tba
Karina Schinnerl Section Head 3270
Nicole Grahovac Deputy Section Head 3271  

Eligibility to Enroll with International University Entrance Qualifications

Name Extension E-Mail
Mag. Petra Stadler 2010

Veronika Winkler-Konrath

Katharina Oberthaler, BSc MSc

Chira Amin 2010
Viola Schützenhofer 2010
Eden Belinda Haupt (Student Employee) 2010  
Beatrice Haiger (Student Employee) 2010  
Christian Gelbenegger (Student Employee) 2010  
Thomas Kelz (Student Employee) 2010  

Eligibility to Enroll with Austrian University Entrance Qualifications

Name Extension E-Mail
Alexandra Barth 2010
Gabriella Hochmayr 2010
Anna Ganglberger

Martina Beismann


Nicole Grahovac


Sarah Gabauer 2010

Antonia Mitterlehner (Apprentice) 2010
Selina Keser (Apprentice) 2010


Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

Location: Bank Building, 1st Floor, Rms.101 A-C

Section Heads

Name Areas of Responsibility Extension E-Mail
Doris Wegscheider Section Head 3287
Petra Oberndorfer Deputy Section Head 3283


Academic Degree Programs

Social Economics, Sociology, Statistics, Web Sciences, Business Informatics, Business Education, Civic Studies, Psychology (specialization in technology and economy), Comparative Social Policy and Welfare, Independent Studies, Bachelor's Degree Program in Teacher Education Studies Secondary Level, PhD in Education and University Enrollment Eligibility Examination

Name Extension E-Mail
Beate Rauch 2020

Kathrin Breznikar 2020
Albin Gattermayr 2020
Carolina Halbmayr, BSc 2020

Business Administration, Economics, Management, General Management Double Degree, Global Business, Economic and Business Analytics, Social Sciences & Humanities, Finance & Accounting, Digital Business Management,  Leading Innovative Organizations, Doctorate in Social Sciences & Economic, Doctorate in Humanities and Cultural Sciences, PhD Program in Economics

Name Extension E-Mail
Petra Oberndorfer 2020

Karin Steininger, BSc

Ruza Colic 2020
Mergime Bashotaj 2020

Degree Programs in Law and University Enrollment Eligibility Examination

Name Extension E-Mail
Michaela Passeiler 2020
Isolde Wandling 2020
René Kovacevic 2020
Petra Kaserer 2020
Mag.a Sandra Lettner 2020
Raphaella Pöschl (Apprentice) 2020

Adriana Calin Student Employee
Erika Sarolli Student Employee

Degree Programs in Engineering & Natural Sciences, Human Medicine, Bachelor's Degree in Teacher Education Studies Secondary Level

Name Extension E-Mail
Nicole Hinterndorfer 2020

Daniel Schumann 2020
Nina Hinterndorfer 2020


Sandra Mayr On leave  
Barbara Seiringer On leave


Kerstin Wiesinger On leave  

Teaching and Studies Administration.

Location: Bank Building, 2nd Floor


Head of Section

Name Function Room Extension E-Mail
Mag.a Theresa Greil Section Head BA220 3166
DI Ute Holler Deputy Section Head BA217 3223

Social Sciences, Economics & Business

Name Function Room Extension E-Mail
Mag. Theresa Greil Teaching and Studies Coordinator BA220 3166
ADir. Manuela Horner Administrative Assistant BA221 3212

AR Doris Oberndorfer Administrative Assistant BA218 3214

Mag. Philip Klausberger Administrative Assistant BA218 3164
Petra Keplinger Administrative Assistant BA221 3219

Mag.a Michaela Bell

Administrative Assistant BA216 3162

Christoph Schmotz Student employee BA218 3163


Name Function Room Extension E-Mail
Katharina Samhaber Teaching and Studies Coordinator BA216 3203

Beate Fraundorfer On leave BA216
Tanja Preinfalk Administrative Assistant BA216 3202

Engineering and Natural Sciences

Name Function Room Extension E-Mail
DI Ute Holler Teaching and Studies Coordinator BA217 3223

Lisa Lumpelegger Administrative Assistant BA217 3222

Katharina Perfahl, BSc Student employee BA217 3161
Bettina Salomon Student employee BA217 3161