Mentoring Program "Go Ahead"

Mentoring Program "Go Ahead"

"Mentoring is a support program in which experienced individuals in the 'Go Ahead' program - in this case, business experts in Upper Austria - provide valuable advice to their mentees." - Brigitte Maria Gruber

"Go Ahead!" - a mentoring program offered by the Kepler Society and the JKU Austrian Student Union -  has been designed to encourage and support JKU students, especially women, to maximize their potential. The program is free and aimed at graduate students as well as young career starters.

The program is supported and monitored by Mag. Brigitte Maria Gruber, head of Women: Fachakademie Schloss Mondsee, mentor for value-oriented personal development. The program's patron is State Minister Mag. Christine Haberlander, Upper Austria.

Our Target Groups:

  • Master's degree students in Business, Law, and Engineering & Natural Sciences
  • Diploma degree students in Business, Law, and Engineering & Natural Sciences
  • Career starters

Mentoring Program "Go Ahead"


October 2017-June 2018

Project Team

Kepler Society
Mag. Johannes Pracher
Mag. Alexandra Slezak
JKU Austrian Student Union

Development and Support

Mag. Brigitte Maria Gruber, Women:
Professional Academy Schloss Mondsee


No fees

2017/2018 Program



Kick-Off Event, October 30, 2017

Certificate Awards on June 5, 2018

Interview of Our Mentors

2015/2016 Program



Article in "DIE MACHER" - Interview with Mentoring Teams

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A cooperation effort by the Kepler Society, JKU Austrian Student Union, Women: Professional Academy Schloss Mondsee


„This program is ideal to help students, especially women, kick start their professional careers.“
Mag. Christine Haberlander
Patron of "Go Ahead" and Upper Austrian State Minister