Tenure-Track Postion for Civil Law, focus on Technology.

In accordance with the collective agreement for employees, the Institute of Civil Law at the Faculty of Law announces an opening for a Tenure Track position “Civil Law, focus on Technology” at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. The candidate must hold a Doctorate/PhD degree.

In accordance with the collective agreement for employees and the Austrian Universities Act, the Institute of Civil Law at the Faculty of Law announces an opening for a full-time (40 h/week), six-year Tenure Track position at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. The candidate must hold a Doctorate/PhD degree.

The position is aimed at highly qualified junior researchers who specialize and hold a Doctorate/PhD in the field of Civil Law, focus on Technology. The position includes an optional qualification agreement that – upon the successful completion of the requirements as outlined in the agreement - may result in a permanent position as Associate Professor (§ 99 Sec. 5 and 6 of the Austrian Universities Act).

The successful candidate should have an outstanding academic track record after completing his/her Doctorate/PhD, demonstrating excellence in academic publishing, and possessing expertise teaching university-level courses. Applicants should have academic credentials in Austrian Civil Law or a connection or close ties to such. In addition, conducting research in Civil Law fields relevant to technology is expected (such as product liability law and information law, or at the willingness to conduct research in these fields by the qualification agreement deadline. If necessary, the successful candidate should be willing and able to hold university-level courses in English. Please see the job description for detailed information regarding the strategic research direction and focus, the type of research expected, the teaching requirements, the required professional experience, the most significant qualification objectives to be met as part of the position, essential information about the existing research infrastructure, as well as other requirements specific to the position in the info box.

info box


Prof. Christian Holzner
P +43 732 2468 1820

Employment Terms

Initially limited to a 6-year period; prospect of a permanent position (§ 99 Austrian Universities Act)

Application Deadline

March 13, 2019

The minimum annual salary in accordance with the collective agreement is EUR 53,254.60 gross. Once the qualification agreement has been signed, the minimum annual gross salary will be EUR 62, 977.60.

If you have any questions, please contact Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Holzner (, +43 732 2468 1820).

The Johannes Kepler University wishes to increase the proportion of female faculty and, for this reason, especially welcomes applications from women. If applicants are equally qualified, women will be given preference for this position. The university welcomes applications from qualified candidates with physical disabilities. These applications will be given special consideration.

In compliance with a three-week application period, prospective candidates interested in this multifaceted position are invited to submit their application to the Rector of the Johannes Kepler University by March 13, 2019 at the latest. We look forward to electronically receiving your application submitted in German via

Please attach the following documents with your application: a cover letter including an account of your intent and qualifications for the position and your research interest, a current CV, a list of publications, your doctoral dissertation and three full-text publications you consider to be most important (in PFD-format), a list of all previously held university-level courses and lectures (including evaluation results, if available) as well as any committee activities, a list of former research projects and collaboration efforts, a list of previous professional experience related to your research and teaching activities, a summary of planned projects and objectives in research and teaching.