Welcome to the Linz University Funds!

In order raise funds to establish and operate the University of Social and Economic Sciences in Linz, Federal Laws enacted July 5, 1962, BGBl. No. 189, established the "Linz University Fund" as a public corporation. Since then, activities have since been carried out by the State of Upper Austria and the city of Linz as well as by subsidy contributions by companies and ccommunities in Upper Austria.

During the initial decades, core tasks included addressing pressing plans associated with constructing additional university buildings.

The Linz University Fund's core responsibilities today include strengthening the State of Upper Austria and the City of Linz as a location for research and development as well as strengthening higher education and professional development, and to continue developing comprehensive educational programs.

The JKU focuses on supporting innovation/innovative developments, technology, innovative education, international activities, and mobility for scientific/academic employees as well as graduates.

Linz University Funds


Bahnhofplatz 1
4021 Linz


State Services Office, Rm. 4B624


0732/7720 15725 or 15726



Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of 9 members from the government of Upper Austria and members appointed by the City of Linz. The Board of Trustees includes additional members who are appointed by the board upon the proposal of the board director(s).

Board / Presidents

  • Mag. Thomas Stelzer, Governor of Upper Austria
  • MMag. Klaus Luger, Mayor of the City of Linz

Managing Directors

  • Dr. Erich Watzl, Director, State Government Office
  • Dr. Julius Stieber, Cultural Director

Together for the Future

The Johannes Kepler University would like to thank it many donors for their generosity and support. Your support enables indispensable, cutting-edge research to find solutions to social and technical issues and topics. Together with the members of the University Funds, the JKU is not only working to shape the future, but is also educate and train the next generation of scientists. We thank you!


Donations of € 360 and higher

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