The JKU's Structure.

Space for lists, space for requests, space for overviews. The organizational structure provides insight in to how the JKU is organized as well as information about who to ask if you have an inquiry. Who, where or why? Here are the answers.

Organizational Structure

Who does what here? The JKU's structure is rather straightforward. The organizational chart provides an overview of positions and areas of responsibility.

University Management

The Rectorate is responsible for the university's management and is made up of the following officials:

  • Rector
  • Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Vice-Rector for Research, Gender and Diversity
  • Vice-Rector for Innovation and Researchers
  • Vice-Rector for Finance
  • Vice-Rector for Medicine

University Senate

The University Senate addresses all academic matters. The Senate consists of 26 elected individuals who are active at all areas of the university.

University Council

The University Council acts as a controlling body and is made up of 9 individuals from academia and the local business community.

Faculties & Schools

The JKU has a total of four faculties and four schools that are organizational units with research and teaching responsibilities. Among these are the more than 120 institutes and competence centers.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business

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Linz Institute of Technology


Linz School of Education


Kurt Rothschild School of Economics and Statistics


Interdisciplinary Institutes and Centers



Central Services ensures that everything at the JKU regarding administration runs smoothly. It may sound complicated, but it's not: The following chart provides a good overview!

Organigramm Central Services JKU Linz

Special Organizational Departments

The JKU stands for community and equal rights. If it's an issue about right or wrong, you can find help here.