Dual Career Services at the JKU.

In order to provide our students with the highest quality of education possible, we need academic experts in the field of teaching and research. To this end, the JKU regularly strives to attract the best international professors.

If a new faculty member accepts a position at the JKU, more often than not, the entire family will find themselves relocating to Linz. Our Dual Career services at the JKU aim to give these families a strong start. Our office provides information about housing, child care, schools, and the social system as well as career development opportunities for an accompanying spouse or partner. Excellent prospects for everyone!

An initiative by the task force group Gender & Diversity (Austrian University Conferences) brings universities together to offer dual career services in Vienna, Lower Austria, and Upper Austria. Click on dualcareer.ac.at to learn more about what we offer.

Department for Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management

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Our Services at the JKU

Linz & Upper Austria

Capital of Culture, a UNESCO Creative City, the opera house, the Ars Electronica, musicals, and concerts. Linz has moved far beyond the constraints of its “steel town” image. There are over 51 parks in Linz and 700 ha of forest, making it one of Austria's greenest cities. Linz continues to be one of the country's most important economic regions with direct exports worth billions of euros, more jobs than residents, and always coming up with new ideas. If that is still not enough, mountains, lakes, Vienna, Salzburg and even neighboring countries like Germany or the Czech Republic are only an hour away. So it is indeed true: you can just about have it all here.

Additional information about Linz and Upper Austria can be found by clicking one of the following links.


Schools are institutions that not only have an intellectual purpose such as imparting knowledge of academic subjects, but also a social purpose such as the support of personal growth, self-improvement. Schools are dependent institutions; the school holder is the legal entity. There are distinguishable differences between public schools (authority: federal, state and community) and private schools.

Additional information about different types of school and educational opportunities are available below.

Child Care

General information about child care and child care services:


Pre-Registration and Registration

Parents can get information about the registration procedures either directly at the child care facility or at the institution of the institution (city council, parish, parishs, associations, etc.). Please note all registration deadlines and the registration procedures.
Detailed information is available on the following sites:

Fees Payable by Parents

Fees payable by parents are only for one child before he/she is 30 months old, beginning when school starts and for one child who does not have main residency status in Upper Austria.

Mandatory Kindergarten Attendance

All children who reside in Upper Austria and who have turned 5 years old before September 1st - and will begin school (Grade 1) the following year - must attend kindergarten up until he/she begins formal schooling.

Building a House & Living in Upper Austria

Do you want to reside in Upper Austria?

The following links can help provide useful information: