Why Work at the JKU?

1. Everything You Need is Here.

The Welcoming Phase at the JKU begins on Day 1. You will get your JKU Card, which serves as your copy card, library card, and also gives you access to the parking lot. There are other benefits, too, such as getting your official JKU employee ID card.

Afterwards, you will be invited to attend Welcome Day. It's like the first day of school, but without first-day gifts and candy. New employees learn all about the JKU, including the university's structure and organization. You will also learn about everything the JKU offers regarding services so you know who to contact for what. And, of course, there is plenty of space to exchange information - with the new co-workers who are also starting at the university along with you as either a general employee at the JKU or academic personnel.

2. Getting Here Safe and Sound.

Getting to the JKU is quick and easy. If you use public transportation, it only takes 24 minutes to get from the main train station to the university. You can also cycle to work (bike racks are located all across campus). If you drive, you can park close to campus and there are over 1,500 parking spaces available. E-car or e-bike owners can take advantage of electric filling stations located at the Science Park.

3. We've Got That 'Something Extra'.

When starting a job at JKU, you get more than a job. For example: we offer an extensive healthcare program, flexibility so you can enjoy work-life balance, a lunch break during your work hours, anniversary bonuses and paid time off, reimbursement for certain medical treatments, annual company outings, food subsidies, and many more perks.

4. Educational Opportunities.

Students aren't the only ones at the JKU who learn new things. Employees can also take advantage of many continuing educational opportunities. Whether it be languages, management or leadership, self-development or team development, or one of a dozen other seminars. There is no end to the interesting things to be found here at the JKU, including over 60 academic degree programs, some which are designed to accommodate working professionals. And if that isn't enough, the main campus library has over 1,000,000 books, thousands of journals, e-journals and e-books. Free of charge, of course.

5. Space for Ideas.

The JKU has plenty of space for creative minds - whether it be students, employees or alumni. Entrepreneur.base, for example, provides support services to entrepreneurs who wish to start their own company and want to take the next step.  There is support to continue developing ideas, opportunities to meet experts in the business-world and not only get valuable advice, but also discuss matters in confidence. We have a large network, workshops, patent scouts, creative spaces, and a lot of experience.

6. Work and Child Care.

Child care responsibilities? Not a problem at the JKU! We offer flexible, on-site child care services, diaper changing stations in all buildings, and a family counseling center.  The JKU provides support services for students and employees who have care obligations. For example, the JKU crèche provides on-site child care for kids between the ages of 1 - 3. The JKU has also proudly received awards by the Austrian Federal Ministry as the most family-friendly company in the public sector.

7. A Modern Workplace.

Founded in 1966, the JKU is one of Austria's younger universities, giving it a unique opportunity to be innovative. We know this and the JKU plays a key role in advancing social policies, aspects and technolgy by supporting

  • A modern medical school established in 2014 and the first in Austria to offer Human Medicine according to the Bachelor-Master degree system..
  • The Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) - an international center to support technological advances in teaching and research.
  • The Energy Institute, which analyzes the future of energy to, for example, optimize the use of biogenic residues as well as pursue many other aspects to create new perspectives.

8. We Are All Equal and All Different.

Healthy co-existence requires rules, even at the JKU. One of the most important rules is that everyone is to be treated the same - by everyone. Respect, mutual appreciation and tolerance are a reality at the JKU and supported by numerous measures, projects and programs. The JKU is proof that diversity provides fertile ground to do more. You can experience it here on a daily basis.

9. Here You Are Center Stage.

Everything here is in close proximity: lecture halls, offices, libraries, an award-winning on-campus cafeteria, a residential area, banks, shops and restaurants are all just a stone's throw away. Enjoy a cappuccino at the TeichWerk, stroll through the university park, or sign up to take one of the approximately 150 sports and exercise classes offered at the University Sports Institute (USI). In theory, you could live and work here without ever leaving the university area. But it would be a shame because Linz has so much to offer!

10. There is Always Something Going On.

Linz has long since lost its "steel city" image. Today, the 2009 European Capital of Culture has a lot to offer: in addition to musicals, concerts and festivals that attract hundreds and thousands of visitors, Linz's city center boasts vibrant nightlife. But even during the day, there is a lot going on - Austria's third-largest city is a very important location of business and innovative industry.

As a center for innovation and progress, Linz' annual direct exports are worth billions of euros: the industry is steadily growing and attracting many technology companies. This fits in perfectly with the JKU's real-world approach. The JKU coordinates many projects that involve close collaboration with the business community, making Linz an ideal city to work in, live in, study in, and stay on the cutting-edge.