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Semester Schedule for Summer Semester 2021

To help you get off to a good start, we have put together the second-semester schedule for the Summer Semester. This schedule is only a recommendation and can be adjusted to your personal needs.

Due to the current corona situation our lectures are completely online at the moment.

Types of Courses

The program includes the following types of courses:

Abbreviation Description
KV (Kombinierte Lehrveranstaltungen) Combined Courses
VL (Vorlesung) Lecture
UE (Übung) Exercises


Remote Learning

In order to complete the AI program, students will be required to come to Linz in person at least once in order to officially enroll in the degree program. Some courses will require in-person attendance either in Linz or Vienna.
Students are required to be physically present to take examinations either in Linz or in Vienna. Examinations take place during the course of the entire semester. The curriculum has been designed for students residing in close proximity to Linz or Vienna. 

Many courses in the AI program are offered at the JKU's satellite campus in Vienna as either a live stream or as a video conference.

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