We're Young, So We Can.

Can we even do that? Ask unpleasant questions? We can - and we will! But we can do so much more than that: We can be curious because curiosity is often the only thing that can challenge and break down old structures or, when necessary, break new ground.

Navid Rekab-Saz, Institute for Computational Perception

Study: Sexist Artificial Search Engine Intelligence

A first-time study by researchers at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz has precisely measured search AIs bias.

Remember when you were little and asked about 500 questions a day? You wanted to know everything. Why this? Why that? Can you imagine that degree of curiosity today? It was pretty brave, wasn't it? But that's exactly the kind of people the world needs today; people who question things and don't simply accept the status quo.

Who asks these kinds of questions today? Students, researchers and educators at the JKU Linz. Together, we then look for answers: during class, at the fast-food stand, or across institutes. But above all, we're always engaged at eye level, even if it's just getting a taste of campus life at our Somnium viewing platform.

Come and study, come and critique, experience good times as well as challenging times.

Want more! Be eager to learn new things. Study robotics, artificial organs, or learn about our planet's rights - in any case, do something together with others who are just as inquisitive and curious as you. You'll find plenty at the JKU, regardless of the topic and be it over at the beach volleyball courts or at one of the JKU's legendary campus parties.

Check out our website to learn more about what you need in order to earn a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD at the JKU. But - spoiler alert! - you'll need your sense of curiosity.

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