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Sparkling Science 2.0.


The project aims to spark a sense of curiosity and passion to discover science and conduct research at an early age by encouraging young people to regard themselves as a proactive force, actively capable of making changes and making a difference.

As part of the Citizen Science (CS) initiative, this project identifies the potential to sustainably shape education and drive the advancement of innovative methods forward by means of active involvement and bringing art, science and education together. As part of the Artistic Research program at participating schools, 980 students help to prototypically test transdisciplinary research formats.

Accompanied by mentors (professionals in the arts, science, academia, and education), the school students (Citizen Artists) embark on a journey of discovery and research to explore scientific/academic topics using the medium of art. The research journey includes tranforming scientific/academic topics into theater performances, dance productions, or musical interpretations that can be created and experienced together.


Funding provided by

BMBWF / Procesing OeAD Center for Citizen Science

Project Duration

Sept.1, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2025

When it comes to scientifically monitoring Artistic Research formats, our scientific research actively involves over 60 school students. Is it possible to spark more interest in science and STEM-centered topics? From a scholastic perspective, can we identify the impact to general learning behavior? Can Artistic Research formats help us avoid/compensate for socio-economic and gender-specific disadvantages? Students and educators will be actively involved in developing research criteria, the theoretical structuring to scientifically evaluate the project, along with collecting and analyzing data. The idea is to facilitate extensive CS involvement throughout the entire research process and apply qualitative and quantitative research methods. The selected partner schools are primarily peripheral schools.

The "Training of Trainers" program (workshops for educators together with artists), the Youth Advisory Board, publicly presenting artistic and scientific research, international networking, and a scheduled conference not only include more CS involvement, but also guarantees CS involvement beyond the project duration timeline as well as strengthening the topic in a more sustainable way.

Costs & Fees

Schools and students are not subject to any costs or fees. Project funding is available to cover any travel/excursion costs and performance tickets.

Artistic Research

Artistic Research workshops take place twice a week during the Summer Semester (for a seven-week period). The workshops are a part of the schools' regular lesson plans. Week 8 of the workshop is Project Week giving participants an opportunity to focus more extensively on finalizing presentations about the project outcomes.

Scientific Research

The year-long Scientific Research program was created for students in the 7th class at AHS schools. There are three workshop 'block sessions' where students learn more about conducting scientific/academic work and learn more about the philosophy of science along with qualitative/quantitative research methods. The students are then more actively involved in developing the research topic along with the theoretical parameters regarding scientific/academic evaluation and by collecting data.

Our Team

Name Position
Airan Berg, B.A. Managing Director; Lead Artistic Research
Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Helm Head of the Department of Education Research; Lead Scientific Research

Dipl. Ing. Christopher Lindinger, MAS

Vice-Rector for Innovation and Researchers
Mag. Kerstin Pell, BA Team member of ART & SCIENCE
Mag. Patricia Stark Team member of CITIZEN SCIENCE
Julia Lauss, MEd Scientific project assistant, project coordinator
Nora Dirisamer, B.A. Theater educator project member


Our Team Univ. Prof. Dr. Ch.Helm, Airan Berg, B.A., Julia Lauss, MEd, Nora Dirisamer, B.A.


  1. "Sparkling Science 2.0" Gets Off to a Successful Start

    The official kick-off meeting took place at the Circus of Knowledge on November 8, 2022, bringing educators from involved schools together with the entire Sparkling Science 2.0 team. In addition to getting to know each other better, the get-together served as an opportunity to view a detailed presentation about the project and answer any open questions. The educators provided insight into the schools' working methods and spoke about special features in their classes. The attendees considered potential topics for the Artistic Research Workshops and collected and clarified key organizational points.

    We are all looking forward to this fascinating research journey together, one that is based on strong communication between art, science and education.

    Let's learn from each other, inspire each other, and make research come alive!

    We are partnering with the following schools over the next 3 years for the duration of the project:


    Artistic Research:

    AHS Europagymnasium Auhof, Aubrunnerweg 4, 4040 Linz, SKZ: 401546

    BRG Landwiedstraße, Landwiedstraße 82, 4020 Linz, SKZ: 401146

    LSZ für Hör- & Sehbildung, Kapuzinerstraße 40a, 4020 Linz, SKZ: 401063

    MS 5 Otto-Glöckel Schule, Dürrnbergerstraße 1, 4020 Linz, SKZ: 401032

    MS 17 Neue Heimat, Flötzerweg 88, 4030 Linz, SKZ: 401102

    VS 2 Bertha von Suttner Schule, Dornacherstraße 33, 4040 Linz, SKZ: 401541

    VS Haag/Leonding, Herderstraße 36, 4060 Leonding, SKZ: 410381


    Scientific Research:

    HAK/HAS Bad Ischl, Grazer Straße 27, A-4820 Bad Ischl, SKZ: 407488

    ROSE ORG Linz, Tabakfabrik Linz, Peter-Behrens-Platz 4 / EG / Haus Havanna, 4020 Linz, SKZ: 401196

The Youth Advisory Board

Only those who actively take part can play a key role in shaping the future - here the Circus, we have created a Youth Advisory Board, designed to make a difference!

Throughout the Sparkling Science project and well beyond, we plan to create and actively maintain a YOUTH ADVISORY BOARD.


What is it?

The Youth Advisory Board is a group of young people who take part in workshops and meeting to actively introduce corresponding and current themes they feel are important to them. Their input will be integrated into the Circus of Knowledge's content and programming.


Who is involved?

If you are age 13 or up and a student at one of the Sparkling Science 2.0 project participating schools, or you attend a different school/educational institution and want to become more involved to help define the future of this play & research location, then contact us! We want to hear from you!


Why have a Youth Advisory Board?

Make your voice heard! We not only want to learn more about what kinds of topics young people are interested in, we also want to give young people themselves a voice to help shape our theater and research. In essence, young people are the true professionals! We want to bring their indispensable voices, ideas, opinions, etc. into what we do at the Circus of Knowledge. Those in the YAB bridge the gap between schools and the Circus, peer groups and theater, young people and research.

Interested? Or do you have any questions?  Then get in touch with us!


 The Kick-Off Meeting