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Ever since the very beginning, the enterprise-grade database management systems (DBMS) market was clearly dominated by commercial offerings from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. Meanwhile the situation has changed: Open source DBMS have reached a high grade of evolution and are seen as a cost effective and functionally adequate alternative to commercial DBMS by many business companies. Besides the cost aspects the question if open source DBMS can cope with the demands that are given by enterprise-level applications comes to our mind. To give an answer to this question, Fabalabs Software GmbH and the Institute For Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW) evaluated Firebird 1.5.2, Ingres r3 3.0.1, MaxDB, MySQL 4.1.10 and PostgreSQL 8.0.1 in respect to their applicability on enterprise-level applications.

Start: 11.11.2004 , End: 26.04.2005

Project Staff
DI Thomas Steinmaurer
DI Martin Schumacher (from: 11.11.2004 to: 26.04.2005)

Fabalabs Software GmbH

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