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The FAW is assigned with the technical realisation of the tourist information system Tiscover, which is run by Tiscover AG in Innsbruck, Austria since 1996. The FAW further promotes the integration of new technological challenges and requirements to the meanwhile very successful system.

Tiscover disseminates information account destination facilities by means of Internet and database technology. Its aim is to supply tourists with comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date tourist information and to encourage the purchase of certain tourist products.

In order to meet these challenges Tiscover supports five modules: Guide: to navigate through tourist information - Book & Search: to set up complexly structured searches for available rooms, holiday packages... - Reports: to get topical information on weather conditions, traffic... - Magazine: to surf through a magazine of topical events and attractions - Route Planner.

As frequent actualisation of the underlying tourist information is required, TIScover follows a decentralised maintenance approach on the basis of an Extranet. Each supplier of tourist information is able to update and extend his info and products directly, 24 hours a day.

Currently, Tiscover manages a database of about two gigabyte of data, more than 500.000 Web pages (composed of more than 1M files) covering among others 1.500 towns and villages and over 90.000 accommodations. The system has to handle up to 13 M page-views as well as up to 60.000 information and booking requests per month.

Start: 01.01.1996 , End: 21.04.2005

Project Leader
A.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Birgit Pröll
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jürgen Palkoska

Project Staff
Mag. Klaus Wolfmayr
DI Thomas Steinmaurer (from: 20.08.2001 to: 21.04.2005)
DI Dr. Heinrich Starck (from: 01.04.1996 to: 31.03.2000)
DI Alexander Sommer (from: 01.03.1998 to: 30.06.1999)
Mag. Harald Sighart
Mag. Walter Schmollmüller (from: 01.06.2001 to: 31.12.2001)
DI Gerold Schedelberger (from: 01.07.1999 to: 31.12.1999)
Mag. Dr. Erwin Schaumlechner (from: 01.08.1997 to: 30.06.1999)
DI Rudolf Richtsfeld (from: 01.04.1996 to: 31.12.1998)
Reinhard Pilz
Mag. Rainer Penzeneder (from: 02.07.2001 to: 31.12.2004)
DI Ulf Dieter Parsch (from: 01.07.1996 to: 31.12.1996)
DI Andreas Nader (from: 01.09.1997 to: 30.06.1999)
Dr. Andreas Langegger
DI Peter Lang (from: 02.01.2000 to: 30.09.2004)
A.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Küng
Peter Kroiss (from: 01.04.1996 to: 30.06.1999)
DI Robert Kohel (from: 01.10.1998 to: 30.06.2001)
Mag. Christoph Kern
Mag. Reinhard Hauer
DI Werner Hartmann (from: 01.12.1999 to: 31.03.2002)
Mag. Gerhard Grünbacher
Roland Gradenegger (from: 02.10.2000)
Mag. Dr. Eva Maria Hauth (from: 03.12.2001 to: 31.03.2005)
DI Heinz Freundlinger (from: 02.08.1999 to: 31.12.1999)
Mag. Petra Epner (from: 01.07.1999 to: 30.06.2000)
Mag. Markus Dürnberger (from: 01.02.2005 to: 21.04.2005)
Mag. Dr. Anton Dunzendorfer
DI Christian Domscha (from: 02.04.2001 to: 30.12.2002)
DI Rainer Dlapka (from: 02.07.2001 to: 31.12.2002)
Martin Blöchl (from: 01.02.2001 to: 31.10.2004)
DI Richard Beitelmair (from: 02.07.2001 to: 31.12.2002)
DI Dr. Christine Artelsmair (from: 01.02.2000 to: 31.12.2002)
Mag. Werner Aigner (from: 01.02.2005 to: 21.04.2005)

Project website