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The main aim of this project is the development of an internet portal to enable the access to heterogeneous data and the rehashing of the data depending on the purpose. Further the service supports the distribution of these medias. Following sub-goals are defined:

- The user is able to define active reports with content from various data sources. The data is included at runtime.
- For different purposes the user can define various target formats (Html, Rtf, Pdf,?).
- A possibility is given to generate a printer friendly version of a report to use it offline.
- The layout of the media can be defined and adapted.
- An automated distribution by email is possible by defining triggers and recipient-lists.

The work done in this project is in close contact with the EC-founded WebSi Project.

Start: 01.05.2002 , End: 31.08.2004

Project Leader
DI Dr. Franz Pühretmair
Project Staff
Mag. Sebastian Kornexl
DI Dr. Christine Artelsmair (from: 01.03.2003)