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Tiscover Recommendations

Tourist Information Systems provide a mass of information, which often provokes that users (tourists) are lost in this jungle of available destinations, accommodations or attraction offers. The main objective of the project is to overcome this weakness by developing and validating a recommendation system for destination decision making. The recommendations will be based on user profiles and contextual information. They are supported by adaptive and personalised user interfaces. The system will be intelligent in the sense of "it learns from individual users behaviour" and support users during the travel. This will be supported by a Cased-Based Reasoning approach. Additonally, the architecture will be compliant with existing technological standards such as semi structured information (XML), component based or multi tiers as well as will bring innovative results in Tourist Decision Modelling.

The work done in this project is in close contact with the EC-founded Dietorecs Project (Dietorecs Homepage).

Start: 01.07.2001 , End: 31.03.2004

Project Leader
DI Dr. Hildegard Rumetshofer
DI Dr. Franz Pühretmair

Project Staff
DI Rainer Dlapka