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In modeling theory there is no doubt about the value of conceptual modeling. But in practice conceptual modeling is rarely used due to various reasons i.e. time constraints, reverse engineering problems etc. Modern conceptual modeling techniques capture static and dynamic aspects. They provide solutions for the analysis, design and implementation phases of a project.

Security - in general - is a broad and crucial topic, which often tends to be neglected in favour of performance and flexibility. There are some low-level frameworks, APIs and technologies that provide an overall technique for implementing security. However there is no conceptual modeling technique available that covers the function oriented aspects i.e. business logic, data and processes of a system. Recent studies on modeling security focused on modeling data-security in a multilevel database system. The approach extends ER-diagrams with different elements and a notation for various security constraints. Later studies use the same approach but try to extend OMT for an object-oriented modeling of security semantics.

CoSMo will provide expressive models which will help to get a better understanding of the security requirements of an information system. System designers can use the modeling method and toolkit integration for modeling the security requirements of an application in an intuitive way. Security can be modeled as an integrated part of the whole system which is the driving force to produce secure applications. Once security models have been designed, even people who are not familiar with conceptual modeling concepts, get an understanding of the security requirements which have been modeled. With the help of the conceptual models you can review and discuss your security policy in co-operation with security experts.

Start: 01.07.2001 , End: 31.07.2003

Project Staff
DI Dr. Christine Artelsmair (from: 01.07.2001 to: 31.07.2003)
DI Peter Lang (from: 01.07.2001 to: 31.07.2003)