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VASIS - Vague Searches in Information Systems

The FAW deals intensively with possibilities for the modeling of semantic metadata and similarity searches in conventional DBMS. In the context of the project VASIS the scientific knowledge in the area of embedding semantic information and fuzzy search methods into standard database systems will be deepened. Through the achieved results the gap between conventional database products and special solutions (e.g. Data Mining systems) will be minimized. In the context of this project a prototype with the name VQS was already developed which has the ability to execute similarity searches in databases. VQS ranks the query results according to their semantic closeness to an arbitrary user specified query. VQS was conceived as application domain independent add-on for relational databases. One of our main aims was to realize a system that does not require to change the structure of the underlying databases in any way. In the practical application domain we expect a confirmation for the practical applicability of the developed concepts and the prototype, and we think that it will be possible to imbed the facilities in conventional standard database management systems. By means of the achieved results a further step into the direction of similarity search facilities as standard functionality in database systems is done, a feature that will be more and more required especially in the economic area (such as the internet).

Start: 02.02.1998 , End: 31.12.2002

Project Leader
A.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Küng

Project Staff
Dr. Tran Khanh Dang
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jürgen Palkoska