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A DNA profiling system has to be built on the basis of components which work very efficiently because the quantity of data can be very large and the analysis process follows complex rules. The FAW develops an advanced matching environment for effectively finding matches for DNA profiles. The matching environment consists of multiple modules each providing functionality for specific steps in the DNA profiling workflow. Dimensions provides specific functionality for fuzzy searching methods. Therefore the system is able to regard the loss of DNA information caused by degradation...
This project is supported by the Austrian "Forschungsförderungsfonds für die gewerbliche Wirtschaft" (FFF).

Start: 01.09.2001 , End: 01.05.2002

Project Leader
DI Peter Lang
Project Staff
Ing. Mag. Dr. Thomas Wiesinger
Mag. Dr. Peter Regner
DI Jürgen Peham (from: 02.11.2001)
DI Franz-Peter Glawar
DI Raimund Angleitner-Flotzinger