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EQUAL is an acronym that stands for "Electronic services for a better QUALity of life". As a European project that is co-funded by the EC within the DG XIII "Digital Sites" frame-work it involves seven countries, which will carry out the EQUAL activities in the six urban regions of Leicester (UK), Metz (FR), Brescia (IT), Linz (AT), Bilbao (ES) and Ronneby (SE). The main goal is to produce manifold benefits from the use of electronic services by City administrations.

Examples for such benefits from the view of the city of Linz are an easier and more user friendly access to different public services, efficient distribution of information in easily understandable form or the possibility to perform on-line transactions with local administrations.

The main tasks of FAW in this project are on the one hand the leadership in the investigation for determining user needs and on the other hand the construction of a concept for the validation of all the applications for the Linz site and . Last but not least, the FAW has to provide technological assistance for the Magistrat of Linz.

Start: 01.01.1998 , End: 31.03.2001

Project Leader
Mag. Dr. Erwin Schaumlechner

Project Staff
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jürgen Palkoska (from: 01.02.1998)

Magistrat der Stadt Linz