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It's very difficult for Internet users to search or find information for their special needs. Therefore, on the Internet most various search engines and directory services are offered by so-called Internet portals, which shall support users by finding required information.

Because of the great number of web pages on the Internet, which are increasing very quickly or changing in content, the search engines are not able to retrieve all information from the World Wide Web. A current major problem is the quality of the search results, because there can be found a lot of links to special keywords, which do not really correspond to the desired criteria.

Therefore, the Internet portal of the LIBRO AG, shall be extended by a high-quality directory service, which does not structure the information hierarchically, but offers the possibility to change directly from one information to another content related information. Additionally, the search should not comprise the whole Web, but selected links and content information should be offered to special topics. The so-called should be updated permanently and extended gradually by participation of the Internet community (all Internet users).

The concept in the background is based on a standardized semantic net, called Topic Maps (ISO Standard 13250). Topic Maps make possible to show data in a way, that the information in the WWW can be connected and put in relation to, as described above. The data shall easily be maintained and connected with the existing databases of by means of a control centre.

Start: 01.10.1999 , End: 28.02.2001

Project Leader
Mag. Gerald Resch

Project Staff
Mag. Knud Steiner
DI Erwin Stauder
Mag. Dr. Thomas Luckeneder (from: 01.01.2000)
Peter Kroiss