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The project itself concentrates on the impacts of scientific results and qualifications on according regional development. Its aims - mainly in the SME sector - are threefold:

(1) the transfer of highly qualified young academics, (2) the development of SME demands for scientific results and qualifications, (3) the creation of innovative companies from the academic area. Within the project, focus is set on two main objectives: regional development and transregional co-operation between the project partners from Bremen (D), Upper Austria (A) and Milano (I).

To perform the projected transregional co-operation as efficiently as possible, modern telecommunication technologies will be used. In addition to necessary but nevertheless time-consuming travelling, teleworking is the ideal method to strengthen communication and co-operation between the regions. FAW has the special task to use its experience in tele co-operation, which it collected in other transregional projects, and to produce a concept for telematic project support. FAW introduces the BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) server to the project participants and acts as a trainer, helpdesk and service provider for this special web- based groupware.

Start: 01.01.1999 , End: 31.12.2000

Project Leader
Mag. Dr. Erwin Schaumlechner

Project Staff
DI Peter Lang