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TeleRegions SUN2

The general objecitve of the TeleRegions SUN project-series is to design a well working regional and trans-regional model for merging regional development needs using integrated and practical applications and services. The project involves the six regions of Baden W|rttemberg (DE), Catalania (ES), Lombardy (IT), Northern England (GB), Upper Austria (AT) and Rhone Alpes (FR) which altogether have a population of over 30 million. In addition to the respective representatives of the six states that have emerged as the main contractors, the project involves some 60 further participants from various sectors, which allows for the guarantee of direct contact to the end users.

To continue the work undertaken in TeleRegions SUN1, the project consortium has embodied this follow-up project TeleRegions SUN2 in the EU-programme "Integrated Applications for Digital Sites". TeleRegions SUN2 has two additional main objectives - to extend the functionality of the demonstrators developed in TeleRegions SUN1 and to gain experience concerning the use of demonstrators in real working situations.

The main task of FAW in this project is the service and extension of the application TDB (TeleRegions DataBase), which is a web-based application to support intra-project communication and co-operation. FAW also has the lead in a special project-internal subgroup called "Information Technology, Communication Systems and Flow", in which an analysis of the real needs of project managers and their expectations towards telematic services will be made.

Start: 01.03.1998 , End: 28.02.2000

Project Leader
Mag. Dr. Erwin Schaumlechner

Project Staff
Andreas Dreiling

BHS Ried
Ars Electronica
Land OÖ.
PÄDAK der Diözese Linz