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Eli-KIS is based on the project ´EKH-Befund´. An ambulance-system consisting of a working list, service registration, a case-book and a report module has been added and put in operation in the dermatologic ambulance in summer 1996. Since then the system has continuously been refined and revised, fully integrated (data and user interface) and deployed throughout the hospital. Several sub-systems, e.g. a central lab, a nuclear-medical lab, PACS, CHIDOS, endoscopy etc. have been connected with the database. Furthermore a dialysis-system has been implemented as an Eli-KIS component.

In 1998 a scheduling system has been integrated and the dialysis-component has been extended. Simultaneous we were largely involved as technical consultants in the call for tender and the evaluation of a new software for business administration as well as for the patient administration and settlement. The hospital decided for SAP and put it in operation on the first of January 1999. We assistet the hospital during the introduction of SAP, adapted the patient-administration of Eli-KIS and implemented a broad, bi-directional interface to SAP.

At present (May 1999) there are approximately 300 users working with Eli-KIS. Its ambulance-modules are used by all ambulances. All wards and typing pools use the document-administration, where around 600 000 documents have already been archived. The cumulative findings-report even serves the intensive care unit as a quick supplier of lab-records. Thus, Eli-KIS has meanwhile strategic relevance for the Elisabethinen.

Start: 01.01.1996 , End: 31.12.1999

Project Leader
Mag. Walter Schmollmüller
A.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Küng

Project Staff
Mag. Gerald Resch
DI Dr. Franz Pühretmair
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jürgen Palkoska (from: 02.02.1998 to: 31.12.1999)