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Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Software


INCOSOFT is a computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) software product for small and medium sized companies.

Project Leader
a.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wolfram Wöß
Prof. (FH) Dr. Gerold Wagner
DI Dr. Christian Gierlinger

Project Staff
Mag. Gerald Resch
Mag. Reinhard Hauer

Sattlerei Niedersüß

Project start and end date
01.01.1993 - 31.12.1996

Project description
This project aims on the development of a CIM software system for a medium sized saddlery, specialized in manufacturing high-quality riding saddles and accessories.

INCOSOFT (Integrated Company Software) is not a customer individual solution for the company Niedersüß, but a common CIM software suitable for a wide variety of small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises. INCOSOFT comprises all common components of a CIM system: order management, requirements planning, human resource management, bill of price list management, invoicing, shipping, product management, bill of materials management, production planning, shop floor monitoring, controlling, company statistics and a graphical central production control system.

INCOSOFT is based on a database server, a fileserver and several PC work stations connected by a local area network and is implemented under the operating system Windows. The advantages of INCOSOFT are:

  • Optimized production capacity utilization
  • Combination of a customer individual and a small series production
  • Optimization of inventory management
  • Accurate prediction of delivery dates
  • Data integration in a central database
  • Multi-user functionality of the entire system
  • Integration of standard software and non-standard software
  • On the basis of the requirement specifications for the entire system the specific software components where developed. The determination of development tools was followed by the database design, architectural design, detailed design and implementation and finally the company introduction of the CIM software system.

INCOSOFT is for many years successfully in use in the saddlery Niedersüß.