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Eine Analyse und ein Vergleich ausgewählter CIM-Laboratorien und ihre Bedeutung zur CIM-Aus- und Weiterbildung

Student: Peter Starzacher
Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner
End: 31.12.1995

The usage of integrated information processing in manufacturing leads to changes of qualifications and subsequently to a qualification bottleneck for the employees of industrial companies. But new and challenging production techniques require highly qualified human contribution. In order to counteract this problem of inadequate qualification in the domain of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), both initial training and continuing education have to be carefully directed and oriented towards future qualification requirements. Thus the usage of new teaching and learning aids for the initial training and continuing education as well as the constant actualization and improvement of existing educational plans is demanded. The dissertation starts with an investigation of qualifications required by future CIM-systems and a systematisation of so-called CIM-laboratories. An analysis of selected CIM-laboratories is done. Based on this analysis, the advantages and shortcomings of CIM-laboratories as well as the arrangements, which seem to be appropriate for the usage of CIM-laboratories for teaching purposes have been identified. The concept for an interdisciplinary seminar with special regard to the usage of CIM-laboratories at universities is presented.